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Middle School Clubs





National Jr. Honor Society

 Victor Pignataro, Alex Vinelli

Students will be encouraged to assume leadership roles; run weekly peer tutoring sessions with the students that are interested in receiving extra help; actively fund raise for a charity of their choosing; formulate activities centered around fundraising activities for that charity; keep track of school events, initiatives, and other school related happenings and provide a monthly update at the BOE public meetings; students will also plan and implement civic oriented projects to carry out within the community.

This society is only open to inducted members of the NJHS.

Select Chorus

Lee Compton

Auditions process only.  Music selected will be at a higher level.  Performances in and out of school building.


Select Ensembles Band/Chorus

Lee Compton

Students in the school music program will audition for a place in the annual all county chorus.  They will participate in scheduling rehearsals, culminating in a county-wide concert.



(FALL) – Christopher Radon

(WINTER)– Christopher Radon

(SPRING) – Matthew Friedler

The purpose of Intramurals is to provide students with extra physical activity and exercise after school.  Intramurals also serves as extra practice and help in athletics for students who do not have the opportunity to play in youth leagues outside of the school.


Coding Club

Victor Pignataro, Edna Auerfeld

During club meetings, the students will do activities both on and off the computer to learn about what it means to code a program.  The students will write beginning computer codes.



Art Club

Christopher Ferry

Students will be provided with an open studio environment to experiment with a video and self-determined multi-media art projects.


8th Grade Advisor

Cathy Castaldo, Matthew Friedler

This includes all of the 8th grade activities, including graduation.


6th Grade Advisor

Anita Mayfield

This includes all of the 6th grade activities, including Ashokan trip September 12-14, 2016.


Bowling Club

William Cron

Students will participate in bowling events.  Location TBD.  Open to all levels of expertise


Ski Club

Matthew Friedler, Alex Vinelli

Students will participate in ski/snowboarding at various ski areas (TBD).  Open to all levels of expertise.

6- 8

Drama Production

Director, Victor Pignataro

Set Design, Alex Vinelli

Musical Director, Lee Compton

Students will prepare for the school musical.


Film  Production and Editing

Victor Pignataro

The students will learn various techniques to create and edit movies.  Students will create short movies, edit them and add effects to the movies.  Possible techniques we will be exploring are stop motion animation, live movie editing, green and blue screen movies.  This club is open to 4-8 grade students. 


Lego/Robotics Club

Victor Pignataro

The students and advisers of the club will be using Lego Robotics kits to construct five different types of robots from basic to advanced.  Students will learn how to program the robots using computer programming skills.  Each team of students will need to direct the robot to solve various tasks.  No previous robotics skills are necessary. 


Student Council

Allison Chapman

Student Council is a club that networks with the community for the betterment of the school and the public. We promote responsible student leaders who are positive role models, uphold the school’s spirit, and encourage all to participate.