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United We Stand Against Racism

Dear GWL Families, 

Attached you will find a joint statement from the Superintendents of Orange County.  Together, we stand united against racist behavior.  I hope you take a moment to read it.  This is the first time I can think of that the Superintendents have been able to universally agree to a common statement and honestly, I couldn’t think of a better time or issue for us to do so. 

Before you read that, though, please allow me a minute to express some personal sentiments. 

I believe that diversity enriches life.  It teaches us to be tolerant and open-minded.  It helps us understand that one thing can be done many different ways. It helps us understand different beliefs, viewpoints, tastes, customs, and cultures. What makes us different makes us special, and that should be valued.  

As your Superintendent, I will not tolerate any behavior that diminishes the worth of another individual.  I want every single child to feel wanted, loved, and to receive the best education so they can go forward with their life and live their dreams. 

That said, we are not perfect. Nobody is and yes, we have work to do in this area. I am fully committed to the action steps stated in the Superintendent’s letter.  Further, we will reflect, plan, and engage in discussions that will allow us to make decisions to ensure an inclusive environment. When incidents do occur, we will use them to identify ways we can do better.  

I want to end with this: It is important to understand that the actions of individuals often do not reflect the values of the community or organization of which they are a member.   Let’s not let the actions of a few determine our viewpoints and opinions on the group as a whole.  The great majority of people are good.  I believe that at my core. 

I love the Greenwood Lake community and know you do, too.  How fortunate we are to be a part of such an amazing place that embraces others for who they are on the inside! 


Sarah Hadden


United Together Against Racism          

United Together Against Racism - Spanish