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Required NYS Lead Testing: Results

Faucets and drinking fountains at all schools in the state are mandated to be tested for the presence of lead by no later than September 30th as outlined in a September 6, 2016, law authorized by Governor Andrew Cuomo. New state health regulations mandate that drinking water in schools throughout the state be tested to ensure that lead levels do not exceed the “action level” of 15 parts per billion.

If a location exceeds the new health regulations, districts must take the following corrective actions:

·     immediate steps to prohibit the use of drinking or cooking from that location,

·     implement a remediation plan, and

·     ensure students and staff have an adequate supply of water for drinking/cooking during the remediation process. 

Please see the attached notification send to all K-8 families via mail that identifies locations in each building that exceeded the "action level".  We are working diligently to remediate the issues identified during the testing process.  Please note, that we are not yet clear as to why our lead levels in certain locations exceeded the standards (ex: please do not assume that there is a problem with the water source in the Village which impacted the testing results at GWL Elementary School). 
Click On Link To View Mailed Letter from Christine Ackerman, Superintendent regarding GWLUFSD Test Results:  Required NYS Lead Notification
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