• As I reflect on the 2016-2017 school year, it has been an honor to be welcomed by the staff, students and families of the Greenwood Lake Elementary School Community!  The growing relationships continue to deepen my passion for teaching and learning.  

    Students bring such joy and pride to our school each day.  As they actively engage in the academic environment, it is tremendously rewarding to see the excitement in their eyes.  To observe and support the respectful and responsible friendships that have grown throughout the year has been a pleasure to witness.  My hope is that the children always remember to work and play hard - throughout the summer and in the years to come.

    Families have contributed so much support and paved the way for a fulfilling and memorable year. Thank you for all of the involvement, ideas and collaboration.  I look forward to our continued partnership and eagerly anticipate welcoming new families to our school next year.  

    Sincerest thanks to the PTSA for graciously offering endless support to our school in so many ways. Together, we have created wonderful opportunities for our students to explore cultural and artistic experiences.    

    Thank you to the dedicated and vibrant staff of Greenwood Lake Elementary School.  The commitment and energy is recognized and appreciated by all.  It is wonderful to be part of the safe and nurturing environment in which our children thrive!  

    In closing, I want to congratulate the third graders who are preparing to embark on a new journey into the middle school.  Each of you have learned more about your strengths as leaders, mathematicians, writers, readers, athletes, musicians and artists.  Remember to always believe in yourself and reach for the stars!  



    Mrs. Boller