Phone: 477-2411 or 782-8678


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Laura Kroll

Hello and welcome back for the 2020-2021 school year.  I will be teaching music to grades K-4, with Mrs. Collins' 5th grade class.  

The following are the codes to enter the google classroom:

K: bxa6unf

1: qiqsjfj

2: 36n5r6z


4:  7qz73vf

Mrs. Collins class: d3mhtk7

While this year may prove to be challenging, I am sure that we can all accomplish everything we need to and more!  


Please be aware that, at this time, there is no chorus program.  However, we will be revisiting chorus for grades 7 & 8 as the year progresses.  As soon as I receive any information, I will repost regarding the program.



If you need to contact me at any point regarding our program, and/or your child's progress, I can be reached at 477-2411 or 782-8678, voicemail extension 53032,

or by email at