• GWL UFSD High School Choice

    Chester Academy & Warwick Valley High School 

    The transition to High School is a very exciting time for our 8th grade families. In GWL, our students have the opportunity to attend Chester Academy or Warwick High School. Over the course of the fall semester, 8th grade students will participate in guidance lessons in their classrooms related to high school choice, as well as informational sessions from each school. Parents will be invited to attend informational nights hosted by the GWLMS principal, guidance counselor, and athletic director, as well as parent nights hosted by each school. This year, all of the parent informational sessions will occur virtually. Click on the link below to view this year's high school choice timeline and to access videos of the informational sessions if you were unable to attend them.

    Chester Academy Virtual Parent Meeting


    In December, students, with their family's support, will select their high school of choice and schedules for 9th grade will be developed with counselors at each respective school in the spring. The deadline for high school choice selection forms to be returned to our guidance counselor is Monday, December 14th, 2020.  Click on the link below to view the parent presentation for the high school choice.

    GWLMS High School Choice Parent Presentation

    Transfer requests for 8th grade students will not be considered after April 1st for any student until the following school year, as Chester and Warwick are staffing programs and developing budgets based on GWLUFSD's projected enrollment numbers. 

    Please contact our guidance counselor, Melanie Seay (mseay@gwlufsd.org) with any questions.

    Additionally, please visit our partner schools' websites below: 

    Chester Academy High School

    64 Hambletonian Avenue, Chester, NY 10918

    (845) 469 – 2231 

    Warwick Valley High School

    89 Sanfordville Road Warwick, NY 10990

    (845) 987 – 3050 

    9-12th Transfer Applications & Considerations: 

    The Superintendent will consider transfer requests from current 9-12th grade students at the end of Fall semester for the Spring and before April 1st for the following academic year.  

    Transfer Request Form- Spring/Fall Semester  - this form is to be submitted direclty to the Superintendent of Schools for GWL UFSD

    Only under extreme circumstances will a transfer be permitted during the middle of the semester - as it will impact the transcript of the transfer student and the tuition committment made by the GWLUFSD to the high school of choice.  A student who would like the GWL Superintendent to consider a mid-semester transfer must submit a letter to the Superintendent articulating the rationale behind said request and his/her most recent report card.  After received, the Superintendent will schedule a meeting with the student and his/her parent.

    NYS Athletic Association Guidelines Regarding Transfers

    Please be advised that the high school selected in grade 9 is considered a student's school of residence.  Students who transfer from their school of residence to school another (from Chester to Warwick OR from Warwick to Chester), are subjected to the athletic transfer policy (see below).  

    Excerpt from Page 136 of

    NYSPHSAA Handbook

    A student who transfers without a corresponding change in residence of his/her parents (or other persons with whom the student has resided for at least six months prior) is ineligible to participate in any interscholastic athletic contest in a particular sport for a period of one (1) year if as a 9-12 student participated in that sport during the one (1) year period immediately preceding his/her transfer. Students who transfer from any school to the public school district of the residence of his/her parents (or other persons whom the student has resided for at least six months) or a private school within that district's boundaries shall receive a waiver from the Transfer Rule. Such a transfer without penalty will only be permitted once in a high school career.

    Note: Multiple High School Districts - The policies/boundaries of the school district will be followed. If the district has an open enrollment policy, the interpretation to be used will be the same as used for students of K-8 school districts. When a student enrolls in 9th grade, that is the district (building) of their residence. Any subsequent transfer would be subject to the Transfer Rule.

    Please contact Bill Cron or Chris Ferry, Co-Athletic Directors, with questions regarding the transfer rule outlined above.