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Music education in middle and elementary schools is an enriching experience that cultivates a lifelong appreciation for music. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students are exposed to the world of music, including singing, playing instruments, and music theory. They have the opportunity to explore various genres and styles, fostering creativity and self-expression. Music education also promotes important skills like discipline, concentration, and teamwork, as students often collaborate in ensembles and performances. Additionally, it enhances cognitive development, improves listening skills, and instills a deep sense of cultural awareness by exploring the diverse musical traditions from around the world.


Music k-8 CUrriculum Map                                                   CHorus 6-8  Curriculum Map                                                  Band 4-8 Curriculum map

       K-4 Music

       K-8 Chorus

         Laura Kroll

5-6 Music

4-8 Band

     Lee Compton