Homework is an essential home school connection. It is expected that each student record the homework assignment in their planner that is posted in their homeroom. It teaches the students responsibility as well as, reinforces skills taught in class. The students have received assignment pads and they are given time in class to fill them out daily. Students should carry them to and from school daily.  It is important that all assignments are done in the resources provided by the school (i.e. workbooks, worksheets, internet sites).


    Math Homework:

    • Nightly: Practice fact fluency using flashcards, websites or orally stating the facts.  In addition, two fact worksheets will come home weekly that are due the next day.
    • Mondays - Thursdays: A nightly worksheet will come home that reinforces current content that is being taught in class or reviews past concepts.
    • 2 IXL Lessons are due each Friday.


    Writing Homework:

    • Grammar or Vocabulary Worksheets are assigned weekly



    • Read for 20 minutes a minimum of 4 nights a week.
    • 1 weekly reading response question based on independent reading books.
    • Spelling: Students will receive weekly lists on Fridays and will be tested the following Friday.  Two spelling assignments will be due each Wednesday.




                                    How Can I Help My Child Grow As A Writer At Home?


     * Tell family stories and tales about yourself as a kid. This helps a writer internalize story structure

    * Encourage reading and the love of words! This helps a writer visualize the writing process, learn the conventions of writing, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar

    * Play word games like Scrabble or Words with Friends

    * Have lots of writing tools available: colorful pens, scented/washable markers, fun pencils and different size paper or an electronic device

    * Be positive:) 

    * Visit spellingcity.com-play fun & exciting games to foster spelling skills. (use grade 3-Greenwood Lake)


    How Can I Help My Child Grow As A Reader At Home?


    *Read, Read, Read! The more your child reads, the more new vocabulary they will be exposed to and the more fluent a reader they will become.

    *Talk to your child about what they are reading. Asking simple questions like "What are you reading about?", "Is that a good book?", "What do you think will happen next?" are all conversation starters that will allow for your child to recall details and enhance their comprehension.

    *Look up interesting things you heard about in the news or on TV.  For example, on the news I heard that a pink dolphin was photographed by a fisherman. I then went to my computer and did a simple Google search to learn more about pink dolphins (I didn't think they were even real until I did a little research!)  This can be a fun and engaging way to read and learn with your child.

    How Can I Support My Child In Math At Home?



    • Ask your child what he or she learned in math class today. Letting children take the teacher role gives them the chance to practice new skills and to clarify their thinking on a lesson.
    • Talk to your child about how we use math in our everyday life (grocery shopping, budgeting, balancing a checkbook...).
    • Schedule a time and provide a quiet environment for your child to work on math homework.
    • Use academic websites. Gregtang and other websites are great tools to challenge your child.
    • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Fluency facts should be practiced nightly (+,-, x, ÷)