• Preliminary Smart Schools Investment Plan

    Greenwood Lake UFSD

    Preliminary Smart Schools Investment Plan

    Greenwood Lake UFSD

    District – Grant Funded -Allocation: $636,406



    Door Locks


    Security Cameras


    Clocks (Speaker/Marquee)



    Student safety is the number one priority in schools. With this money, every classroom door would receive a deadbolt that can be locked quickly from the inside so that even with a key or keycard, no one would be able to enter through the door easily. By adding electric/card entry to all doors, we again increase our security – cards can be remotely activated and deactivated.

    Video surveillance is key to identifying and resolving safety concerns in schools. It is the best way to monitor and secure both interior and exterior areas, including remote entrances and off limit areas. Further, surveillance can prevent and reduce crime. Finally, it helps monitor visitor activity in our schools.

    Immediate communication to all people in a building is key in an emergency.  An updated paging system is necessary.  Newly installed speakers and digital clocks will allow better communication with the people in our building through both auditory and visual means.