• Reader's Workshop 

    Reader's Workshop is an instructional model that focuses on the strengths and needs of each individual reader. Students will be choosing their "just right books" and will be given skills and strategies throughout the year to help them grow as readers.


    Along with students' independent reading books, students will be exposed to whole class novels that will cover our reading curriculum as well as our Social Studies standards. 

    Why is the workshop model so great?

    Students get to select books that they are interested in. They will have daily opportunities to discuss their books in a genuine way. They will be given strategies and skills that they will be using as they read inside and outside the classroom.



    Spelling Sentences due every Wednesday

    Weekly Reading Response to student's independent reading book due Friday



    Websites Commonly Used: 

    1. Google Classroom: classroom.google.com - spelling words and access to Spelling City is on here

    To log in: 

    students first initial last name @students.gwlufsd.org

    password: GWL#_#lunch____

    2. Achieve 3000: www.achieve3000.com

    login: student's email adress

    password: GWL lunch number