• Dear Families of Middle School Students:


    In order to increase student focus and safety, we are going to continue enforcing our Student Cellphone and Personal Electronic Device Usage Policy.


    During school hours (including lunch/recess, etc.), students will not be permitted to display or use their cellphones and personal electronic devices. All cellphones and personal electronic devices must be away and turned off so as to minimize any distractions.  (Chrome books will allow students to perform most of the functions they would use their cellphones for.) If you have an emergency and need to get a message to your child, please contact the main office. As always, students can use the phones in the office to call you.


    In particular, cellphone use during school hours can be distracting for students and teachers.  Should a cellphone issue arise, it is also impossible to monitor content, such as texting and social media. Using cellphones during the school day can also lead to bullying situations, ones that can be avoided by removing cellphones from the school environment.


    While we are confident students will adhere to this policy, we wanted to share with you the following tier of consequences if a student uses his/her cell phone or personal electronic device during school hours. Personal electronic devices includes headphones, two-way communication devices (such as walkie-talkies), personal iPads, etc.; exceptions will be made on an individual basis if personal electronic devices are used under teacher supervision for school work during class time.  In addition to the Administration and/or the Dean of Students (in the Middle School) being notified, the following information outlines consequences/confiscation of your child’s personal cell phone/personal electronic device:

      • First Offense: Teacher takes the cellphone/personal electronic device and returns it at the end of the day
      • Second Offense: Teacher takes the cellphone/personal electronic device and the student will not have it returned to him/her until the parent/guardian picks it up from the main office
        • Consequence: One Day After School Detention
      • For each additional offense, the tier of consequences will grow as per our student Code of Conduct related to insubordination



    We want to thank you, in advance, for discussing this policy at home with your child.


    Jeffrey Golubchick (Principal)