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  • S.T.E.A.M. Fair

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 12/13/2016

    S.T.E.A.M. Fair

    The library is a fabulous place to get some ideas for the upcoming district wide K-8 S.T.E.A.M. Fair, which will be held on Thursday, January 26th from 6:00-7:00. Books are being displayed on the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Technology, all of the elements of our upcoming fair. Additionally, our media center subscribes to a variety of databases to inspire students to read up on each of these topics and explore ideas to present at the fair. Each homeroom has been given forms to register for this exciting event. It should be a fabulous evening!

    Go to the following link to download and print out a copy of the forms!:

    S.T.E.A.M. Fair Forms

    STEAM Fair snip


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  • PumpCAN Contest

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 10/11/2016

    All readers are encouraged to enter Greenwood Lake Middle School's 4th annual PumpCAN contest! Please read the entry directions below. See Mrs. Auerfeld in the library for a form. 

    Pumpcan Letter 2016

    Pumpcan Form 2016

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  • Welcome Back!

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 9/2/2016

    The library is up and running, ready for readers! New books are displayed, new e-books are available, and a school year full of exciting events is planned! Happy beginning of the year!

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  • Summer Reading!

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 6/22/2016

    Greenwood Lake MS is happy to announce our summer selections for students. Posted below are the lists for each grade level. Posted below is also the assignment 


    Books are currently available at Ye Olde Warwick Bookshoppe in downtown Greenwood Lake. The sale will run through July 5th.

    A percentage of the sale will raise money for our libraries.

    Happy Summer Reading!!

    Click the following link for the book report. 

    4th-8th Grade Summer Book Report

     Students who complete the book report will be invited to an ice cream party in the fall!

    SB Sale

    SR 4



    SR 5


    SR 6


    SR 7


    SR 8

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  • World Read Aloud Day 2016

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 2/24/2016

    Greenwood Lake Middle School students enjoyed today's World Read Aloud Day events. Starting with a presentation given by students from each grade level, reading was celebrated. Excerpts from books and poems were shared and characteristics were defined that grow inside of us as we read. Students then read aloud together in the gym and cafeteria. Parents came in to read aloud to 4th and 5th graders, upper level students read in content areas, and a costume contest was judged by the 8th grade student government. Congratulations to Bradley Burakowski, Astrid Kelly, Brooke Barkin, and Ms. Prall!


     World Read Aloud 11    World Read Aloud1   World Read Aloud 1   World Read Aloud 2   World Read Aloud 3    World Read Aloud 5     World Read Aloud 6    World Read Aloud 7   World Read Aloud 8    World Read Aloud 9   World Read Aloud 10     World Read Aloud 12   World Read Aloud 13    World Read Aloud 14   


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  • Cookies & Books

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 1/22/2016

    The whole school participated in our library event, ‘Cookies & Books’ where we viewed the many new books bought for our library media center while enjoying some cookies and juice. The new books flew off the shelves with a record number of checkouts for the day! 

    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15    16    18    19    20   21

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  • Author Visit

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 1/14/2016

    A BIG thank you to the GWL PTSA for hosting our author visit this week! Our 4th & 5th graders were excited to meet author Ginjer L. Clarke in person and take part in her informative presentation. Ms. Clarke shared the process of how a book is made from inspiration to publication. Students were taken through the writing process and then created their own stories. Our author was a fun storyteller and an inspiring source for future reading and writing! Earlier in the week, students had written questions they would like to ask the author. Several students had the opportunity to ask their question to our author at the culmination of the event. After the presentation, Ginjer L. Clarke stayed to sign books purchased and won by our students. It was a memorable afternoon!


    1    2  

     3    4

    5    6


    7    8


    9    10


    11    11


    12    13


    14    14


       15    16




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  • Visiting Author

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 12/14/2015

    We are excited to announce the upcoming visit of author Ginjer L. Clarke! Ms. Clarke will be here on January 13th for grades 4 & 5. We are studying her exciting nonfiction books and using them to hone our notetaking skills. Students are ordering books for Ms. Clarke to sign and will be participating in a raffle to win one! All books ordered will  be signed by the author. We are counting the days!

    Here are a few Ginjer L. Clarke books:

    Freak Out      Pouch Babies     Watch Out    Baby Otter

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  • December News

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 12/1/2015

    December Library Media Center Newsletter



    Fourth graders have been busy using their Google Drive account to learn note taking skills as we read nonfiction materials and record our findings. They have also been enjoying the works of Ginjer L. Clarke, our upcoming visiting author.



    Fifth graders continued to map out their book trailers and discuss language choice for powerful persuasive writing. They have also been enjoying the works of Ginjer L. Clarke, our upcoming visiting author. We have used Ginjer L. Clarke books to hone our note taking skills and to review our understanding of how to avoid plagiarism while engaging in the research process.



    Sixth graders have spent time in the library exploring all of our many online research offerings. We have discussed why library resources are more reliable than just ‘Googling’ a research topic. The sixth graders have practiced utilizing elements of the online catalog that allow us to look up reliable websites for research specifically at their lexile level. Additionally, students have also explored the library’s many nonfiction books for their nonfiction writing unit and checked out materials to support their classroom learning.



    Seventh graders have been checking out books to read for Reader’s Workshop. Seventh graders are encouraged to please visit the library with their overdue books and either return them or renew them to keep reading.



    The eighth grade Information Literacy class has been learning about primary and secondary resources. We have examined primary resources and gleaned information from these resources as historians do. We have been  exploring the database: GALE Cengage, which is a staple of high school research. Additionally, 8th graders came in to review citations, online citation machines, and using Google Apps for creating a correctly formatted bibliography page.


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  • November News

    Posted by EDNA AUERFELD at 11/2/2015

    November Library Media Center Newsletter



    Fourth graders have been busy learning how to access their Google Drive account. They have been creating docs, making online folders, and negotiating the ins and outs of using the toolbar. These skills will help them when we are ready to begin our online research and collaborate with our fellow researchers.


    Fifth graders have been studying persuasive media. They have been analyzing book trailers, picking out a just right book to ‘sell’ to their fellow readers, and planning out the elements of their own persuasive book trailer. They have been writing their scripts and learning about QR codes as a means of sharing a presentation.



    Sixth graders have had time in the library as a class to utilize the e-book features of our online catalog. They learned how to access our online books, find an e-book by lexile level, take notes, and check in and check out a book that is available on their Chromebooks through our catalog. They are now also able to search through an e-book using a search function, listen to the book with its audio features, and use a virtual bookmark.



    Seventh graders have been learning about intellectual property. They have discussed the ways they can follow copyright laws that give intellectual property owners rights and how they can avoid plagiarism during the process of doing research.  Seventh graders discussed notetaking that promotes avoiding plagiarism and learned about the many ways in which student research can now be electronically checked for plagiarism.



    The eighth grade Information Literacy class has been examining the effect of online behavior in social media on a student’s life. They have read about the consequences of poor choices while navigating social media and the ways in which to promote a positive ‘digital footprint’. We are currently studying infographics and have created one to describe our personal digital footprints, what they mean as well as what we want our footprints to say about us.


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